Vibrating Wire Monitor
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Vibrating Wire Monitor


The VWM is based on the wire resonant frequency dependence on its tension, itself dependent on its temperature.

A positive feedback oscillator excites the wire oscillations at this resonant frequency.

Particles penetrating the wire heat it, change its tension and therefore its resonant frequency.

Vibrating wire sensors have been applied to electron, proton, ion and photon beams. VWM can be used for neutron beams too.

Main features

  • Dynamic range > 1E6
  • Resolution for proton beam 3pA
  • Resolution for electron beam 70pA



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    VWM system components

    • VWM 1-wire Sensor
    • Twisted pair cable from Sensor to Front-End Electronics
    • Front-End Electronics box, each supports 2 Sensors
    • Front-end to chassis RJ45 cable, up to 50 meters
    • Chassis, can support up to 6 Front-End Electronics
    VWM system components