Challenge of the month: Honey Harvest


Bergoz Instrumentation


  • 4 beehives

Customer need

In spite of late frosts, hard rains and too cold spring, harvest the honey after a first full year of work from the bees and pot this precious nectar


Gear up in “cosmonaut” and remove the frames full of honey from the beehives. Then, prepare the frames for the extraction and finally harvest the honey… and check the taste !

Next steps

The honey is now fully extracted from the beehives. It will now be filtered and filtered again with finer filters each time in order to remove all unwanted residues

It will then rest for several days before being potted. Bergoz Instrumentation employees should have their honey pots ready when they will be back from the summer closure (until the 23rd of August)

Our abilities

Develop competencies in honey science without jeopardizing order deliveries: Thank you Hervé, our R&bee expert!

Improve our Team building / Accelerate our CSR