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Current Transformers , Analog Electronics
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Full integrated company, from R&D to Customer support

40 years of experience recognized in the world of particle accelerators

Celebrating 40 years of service to the Particle Accelerator Community and Cancer Hadron therapy (protons and carbon ions) field, we leverage our know-how and experiences to the Nuclear Waste Transmutation, Laser plasma accelerators as well as the Industrial applications.

Bergoz instrumentation

A French SME, founded in 1981, focused on non-destructive beam instrumentation.
We design, develop, and manufacture high-precision current transformers and analog electronics dedicated to:

  • High-energy physics fundamental research
  • Radio-active isotopes study or production
  • Material study by neutrons spallation and high-energy photons
  • Proton/carbon and Neutron-Boron Capture cancer therapy

We are also able to provide customized solutions for precise measurement in:

  • Complex environment
  • Other industrial applications (leakage currents for instance)

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