Very fast non-destructive pulsed or CW beams observation
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Very fast non-destructive pulsed or CW beams observation


Used world-wide on all high-energy particle accelerators to observe very short beam pulses.

Exceptional bandwidth and sensitivity are achieved by using magnetic alloy cores specially treated to obtain very high permeability and low loss at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz.


In-flange FCT

  • In-flange FCT is mounted in the beam line.
  • Short axial length (40 mm), includes a ceramic gap vacuum-brazed to kovar.
  • Does not require bellows, wall current bypass nor electromagnetic shield.
  • Available from CF3“3/8 to CF8“
  • Material AISI-304, 316LN on option
  • Bakeable up to 185°C
  • UHV compatible

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In-flange FCT
In-air FCT

In-air FCT

In-air FCT installation, over the vacuum chamber Requires installation of a “gap” to prevent the wall current from flowing through the FCT aperture.

The gap can be a brazed ceramic ring or an organic material O-ring depending on the vacuum requirements.

Typical installations include bellows, a wall current bypass and an electromagnetic shield enclosing the FCT completely.



  • In-air models 100°C (212°F) any time
  • In-flange models 100°C (212°F) any time, 150°C (300°F) on option, 185°C (365°F) on option

Core saturation

  • 2 mT radial field
  • 2A permanent DC current

Radiation damage

  • Standard SMA PTFE: 1E3 Gray max
  • Rad-tolerant SMA PEEK: 6E7 Gray max
  • 1E17 n/cm2 max