Smashing Success: Company badminton session at Saint-Genis Badminton club

We are thrilled to announce our recent badminton introduction session held at Saint-Genis Badminton Club.

Our team came together for an afternoon of friendly competition and team bonding, delving into the sport of badminton as a group.

With guidance from the club’s supportive coaches, we took to the courts for friendly training sessions and matches, each player gaining valuable insights along the way. Whether newcomers or experienced players, everyone embraced the fun-filled atmosphere.

After several matches filled with laughter and camaraderie, we departed with smiles on our faces and a newfound appreciation for badminton. Plans are already in motion to make it a regular occurrence and explore more ways to stay active together.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Saint-Genis Badminton Club for providing us with a welcoming venue. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities for similar activities that foster health, teamwork, and enjoyment within our company.