Our Technology

Unique instruments, developed over 40 years, designed to last forever, no obsolescence.

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Non-intercepting Beam Instrumentation

Our non-intercepting measurement systems allow a characterization of low current particle beams without disturbing beam quality.

This exceptional strength is recognized throughout the particle accelerator landscape. 99% of the world’s high-energy particle accelerators of all technologies use our instruments: Sources, Linacs, Microtrons, Cyclotrons, Synchrotrons, Laser-plasma…

The performance of our instruments is also increasingly appreciated by medical accelerators for proton, carbon ions and neutron-boron capture cancer therapy.


Our product portfolio is adapted to measured

  • Current DC & AC
  • Charge of single or repetitive pulses
  • Beam position
  • Longitudinal profile
  • Transverse profile and halo
  • Beam loss

Our best references

  • Single pulse 5pC charge measured with 50fCrms noise: Turbo-ICT on SwissFEL, PAL-XFEL, Soleil, soon LCLS-II
  • Single MIP electron measured on the fly with 30% quantum efficiency by BLM, in >3500 beam loss spots
  • Extracted CW heavy ion beam measured with sub-nA resolution by FCT at GANIL, RIKEN
  • Fault current tolerance of a 10-uA resolution DCCT: Survives 100 kA 4/10us discharge, IPCT tested by CESI
  • S-band beam position measured with 2e-5 rms noise: S-BPM at LANL, ANL
  • Halo high-resolution measurement 6-sigma off centroid, by VWM at YerPhy.
Our best references