Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF-E

Ultra short bunch and very low charge measurement
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Ultra short bunch and very low charge measurement

The Turbo-ICT current sensor and BCM-RF-E electronics receiver perform bunch charge or average current measurements with low noise and high accuracy.

Turbo-ICT relies on the detection of a single spectral ray of the beam bunch. The beam bunch being very short, it behaves like a Dirac. So, all spectral rays have the same intensity.

Turbo-ICT and BCMRF-E operate at 180 MHz, a rather quiet zone in the overall frequency spectrum.

Two packaging types for the Turbo-ICT sensor


  • Turbo-ICT is mounted directly on the beam line
  • UHV compatible to 10E-110 mbar
  • Improved radiation tolerance on option
  • Ceramic gap vacuum-brazed over kovar transition
  • Material AISI-304, 316LN on option
  • Arbitrary shape aperture on option
  • 1 core, 2 cores or 4 cores on option
  • Calibrated charge generator on option


  • Turbo-ICT-VAC is installed in a laser-plasma vacuum enclosure
  • Vacuum compatible to 1E-7 mbar
  • Calibrated charge generator option not available
  • 1 core or 2 cores on option


BCM-RF-E allows two modes of operation:

  • Track-Continuous mode for CW beam and long macropulses.
  • Sample&Hold mode for single bunch, with auto trigger feature.

Output is logarithmically proportional to beam current or bunch charge.

BCM-IHR-E inserts into a wired station of BCM-RFC, the 19” 3U RF-shielded chassis including power supplies.

Up to 10 stations per chassis can be installed.



  • 80dB measurement range without range switching
  • Resolution 1% / accuracy 4% of measured value
  • DC Output voltage, logarithmically proportional to input current or input charge
  • USB 2.0 controls and readout up to 5kS/s
  • Negligible magnetic field dependence
  • UHV compatible down to 1E-10 mbar