Current Transformer-RF Print

Bergoz Instrumentation Radio-Frequency Current Transformer  CT-RF provides an accurate measurement of continuous wave

The CT-RF transformer output signal is an accurate voltage waveform representation of the measured current, which can be analyzed on an oscilloscope, RF power meter, spectrum analyzer or custom interface circuitry.


  • RF current and phase measurement between source and load (e.g. plasma chamber)
  • Harmonics, distorsion, impedance match

All transformers can be shipped with a certificate of calibration and factory test data, ensuring optimum performance levels are realized. Vector network analyser files amplitude response vs. frequency and phase vs. frequency can be supplied.

Sensitivity: 0.25V/A in 50-ohm load
Isolated output: SMA
Max rms current: 20 A rms
Insertion impedance: 5 milliohms
Operating temperature: -20°C to +120°C
Nominal accuracy: ±0.5%
Through connectors: HN jack or 7/16 jacks
Output connector: Isolated SMA
Dimensions: 63 mm diameter + SMA connector 24 mm axial + through connectors
40-MHz model:
Upper cutoff frequency (-3dB): 320 MHz
Low frequency cutoff (-3dB): 2 kHz
SWR@40MHz: 1.015 typ.
SWR@80MHz: 1.02 typ.
SWR@120MHz: 1.05 typ.
Insertion loss@40MHz: 0.01 dB typ.
Ordering code: CT-RF/40
13.56-MHz model:
Upper cutoff frequency (-3dB): 250 MHz
Low frequency cutoff (-3dB): 1 kHz
SWR@13.56MHz: 1.015 typ.
SWR@27.12MHz: 1.02 typ.
SWR@40.68MHz: 1.05 typ.
Insertion loss@13.56MHz: 0.005 dB typ.
Ordering code: CT-RF/13.56
60-MHz model:
Upper cutoff frequency (-3dB): 450 MHz
Low frequency cutoff (-3dB): 2 kHz
SWR@60MHz: 1.15 typ.
SWR@120MHz: 1.2 typ.
SWR@180MHz: 1.3 typ.
Insertion loss@60 MHz: 0.03 dB typ.
Ordering code: CT-RF/60